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Moscato The Tropic is Calling No. 1

Moscato The Tropic is Calling No. 1

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All things sweet and light! Ideal with brunch, lunch, basking in the sunshine or shade of a tree… ohhh and a definite yes with a splash of camp mum’s ruin for the ultimate ginscato

Moscato in a can… yes something sweet, yet well balanced by cleansing acidity.   This one is a soft drink for the big kids!

Pale straw in colour with a slight green hue.  Exceptionally floral, unequivocally teeming with orange blossom.  A palate of passiona meets lemon soda, amid unctuous, fleshy nectarine and zesty orange with cleansing acidity.

Key Product Information

  • 6.5% alcohol by volume
  • 1.3 standard drinks per can (250mL)
  • Grape varieties - Moscato
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Best before -
  • Production date -
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