Off Track Wines offer you a travelling indulgence, without compromise, in a convenient outdoor friendly package. Designed entirely for lovers of the outdoors who want a little luxury when travelling.

  • Quality is King [Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek blends]
  • Perfect serving size [nearly 2 standard pours of wine in every can],
  • Designed for transport [12-pack fits in most 50L+ camp fridges]
  • Quick chill [5 of our wines should be served cold ... and maybe even the red when hot]
  • Light weight [30% lighter than bottled and 95% lighter once empty - crush to conserve space]
  • Space saving [fit 4 bottles equivalent where it would normally take only 2 bottles]
  • Sparkling and Still options possible, and
  • Eco-friendly packaging [cans are recyclable and 10c in participating States].

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