Bush Mechanic on the Tanami - Part II - Off Track Wines

Bush Mechanic on the Tanami - Part II

So, 4 years later and Thor’s third trip on the Tanami, just to prove why people say it is one of the worst roads in Australia.  This time with the Patriot X1 we find ourselves again with a wheel off the camper and this time it is the water tank bracket that has succumbed to the corrugations.  

Things went OFF TRACK when … on our hourly checks of the bolts, wheels, tyres and suspension [yes we learnt from the first two times on the desert track] we notice a bracket on the water tank has snapped.  Bush mechanic fix with some fencing wire, drilled holes and some fancy stitching we were on our way.

3,000kms later and the fencing wire is still going strong.  

A wine around the campfire was definitely required that night and the story has entered the folklore history pages.

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