Wine in a What? Why?

Why did we create Off Track Wines?

Scroll back to 2016, when our family was travelling around Victoria in James (our Nissan Patrol). We’d just spent 4 amazing weeks completing an anti-clockwise navigation of the state covering the Great Ocean Road, High Country, Lakes Entrance and Wilson Promontory.  

Less amazing was the sound of rattling wine bottles the whole time which culminated in a breakage in the car fridge.  I started to wonder about alternative packaging.  I mean, I own a wine company (Zonte’s Footstep), surely there is a better solution.  

Meanwhile, co-owner Brad had been visiting North America where wine in cans was growing rapidly. So, in late 2016, we decided to put some wine in a can as a test.  It wasn’t perfect, but we learned a lot from that and spent the ensuing years working out how to get it right.  Six years later, we are finally confident that the quality of our wine in a can matches what we do in a bottle.  And so, we launched Off Track Wines in October 2022 at the 4WD and Adventure Show here in Adelaide and everyone loved them!

Why switch to Off Track Wines?

Apart from the fact that Off Track wines are delicious and made by people who’ve been making wine for two decades, here’s some practical reasons:

  • Transportability - these cans are designed to travel! Each 12-pack is equivalent to 4 bottles of wine but weighs only 3.2kg. Roughly 30% lighter than the full bottles and once empty the cans are 90% lighter!  Perfect for hikes, treks and travels whenever weight matters. 
  • Storage – Off Track Wines pack very efficiently. Each 12 pack takes up a little more than the space of 1 wine bottle and yet is the equivalent of 4 bottles. Crush the cans after drinking, and you’ll get that space back.   
  • Chill factor – Off Track cans will cool down faster and require less inputs than bottled wine. Particularly important when you are running off car/trailer batteries in remote areas. And the cans fit so much better in a car fridge than a tall bottle.
  • Serving size – each 250mL can gives 2 x 125mL glasses. And two glasses is a single serve, right?!
  • Quality is king– Same quality as a $30 bottle of wine. We package the wine regularly and in small quantities so it’s as fresh as possible and tastes great every time.
  • Recyclable – Finally, being people who want to leave the world as good if not better than we found it, cans are easier to recycle. And unlike bottled wine,  Off Track wines are part of the state-based container deposit schemes. Please recycle and collect your 10 cents per can.