Collection: Gift of Giving

Know someone who you think would just love a case of wine.  Our website platform isn't fabulous with this, so here are the options:

1. Purchase an e-Gift Voucher below (set up for single case purchases) - the recipient will receive an email with their online gift voucher to use.  

2. Purchase the Wine (as normal)

STEP 1 - Select the wine you want to gift and Add to Cart
STEP 2 - Go to Checkout
STEP 3 - Login to your account OR enter your details to set-up your login
STEP 4 - Before you process the sale make sure that you split the Ship To address [include the recipients details here] and the Billing address [your details here]
STEP 6 - Email just to make sure that it has all worked

3. Add a Gift Card (below) - we can include with your purchase a gift card and a special note for FREE  **only available with the purchase of at least 1 x 12-pack of Off Track Wines**

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