Convenience in a Can

Going to a friend’s house, picnic or housewarming and only want a drink a glass or two. Easy peasy, just pop a can or two in your bag or esky and away you go. No need for a large wine cooler bag or the top of the bottle poking out your bag. 

This also assists with drinking responsibly. No longer do you have to commit to buying a 750ml bottle for your next friend's BBQ. You can buy a single can and easily watch how much you are drinking. Perfect for night where you may want to enjoy a drink with friends but also want to be responsible and drive home safely.

You can also expect to see wine in cans to begin appearing at outdoor festivals given their convenience, ease of serving and reduced risk compared to glass.

They are also perfect for any outdoor activity like camping and boating and can be crushed down to take minimal space in the rubbish bag for the trip home.

SOURCE: Top 10 Reasons Canned Wines Are Better Than Bottles– Brewquets 

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