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Glenelg River - May 2023

Ruth our intrepid explorer has been at it again ... this time testing the cans on the Glenelg River.  

Our trip started at Moleside and we paddled for 3 days downriver to Nelson, staying at George's Rest and Laslett's canoe camps along the way.   About 20km per day.

We have fine weather with rain over night (one night up to 24mm). Things went off track when I discovered the water from my paddle had been dripping into my hiking boot (the only pair of shoes I had) which I only discovered when I reached in to grab my GoPro camera and wondered why it was dripping wet!  Luckily it’s waterproof but I had to endure one soggy boot that night. Anyway, a couple of cans of River is Calling by the fire made it all okay. 

A great family trip which I highly recommend - Lower Glenelg River NP.  Book the campsites through the NP site and book the canoes and waterproof barrels with Chris from Nelson Canoe Hire.

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