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The one time you shouldn't go OFF TRACK

You know when they say good communication is key to success. 

We all have that car in the group who listens to audiobooks and sometimes forgets to listen to the two-way radio chatter.  Well on this occasion, significant backfire ... for them.  

The story begins in Birdsville, having finished the Simpson Dessert [more stories to come from here I am sure] and staying overnight at the Birdsville Tourist Park [great showers BTW], we had spent sometime doing clothes washing, getting ready for our trek south. 

Anyway, a few of us were having a great chat with a lovely family who had just travelled north on the Cordillo Downs Access Road and who provided a warning that due to heavy rains the road had a number of deep water sections ... stay on the track!  The side is boggy!

Things began to go OFF TRACK when ... the next morning our little convoy began is trek south, visiting Cordillo Station [highly recommended - make sure you read about the history], having a bit of a laugh [hubby nearly lost his lunch as I launched "Thor" over a whoopdy-doo].   A fair amount of two-way radio chatter about the wet roads, staying on the track and the bogged caravans.

Anyway we were finally heading into the section that we had been warned about and with Ned [the audiobook listeners] at the front of the convoy, suddenly over the radio, "ummmm ... stay on the track ... we're up to the axel", and they were!

One hour later, a lot of digging and ribbing, Ned was extracted by Thor and we were on the road again, but not without a bit of mud in all the wrong places.

That night around the camp fire over a wine the occasion was marked in the history books.

Thor - the family 200series
Ned - suped up 70series

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