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Sparkling Red Wine Blend no. 01 The Outback is Calling (12 Pack)

Sparkling Red Wine Blend no. 01 The Outback is Calling (12 Pack)

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A wine that's perfect for those nights around the campfire. With its loads of Shiraz appeal up front in the form of ripe blackberry and mulberry fruit, this wine will quickly become your go-to nightcap.

But be warned, this wine is not for the faint of heart. It's a velvet sledgehammer, with a dash of fortified port that adds generosity, complexity, intrigue, and charm. The palate merges into a chocolate mousse-like weight and appeal before finishing with length, focus, and a slight blackcurrant leaf undertone provided by Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you're looking for a wine that will take you on a journey to the heart of the outback, then The Outback is Calling is the wine for you. So, why not grab a bottle, gather around the fire, and let the magic of the Australian outback work its charm. Just remember to drink responsibly!


Key Product Information

  • 14.0% alcohol by volume
  • 2.8 standard drinks per can (250mL)
  • Grape varieties - Shiraz | Cabernet
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Best before -
  • Production date -
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